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M : MONKS OF DOOM : The Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company

The Cosmodemonic Telegraph Company
Текст песни The Beach of Deception

The Beach of Deception

Swell surging forwards
Eroding the land
A test of your patience
A test of your hands

The presence of angels
A pall of thick smoke
On this table spill memories
Deceptions and jokes

Down on this beach
From the irish sea
The lusitanian
Goes ...

Memories come back to you
From faces on walls
The faces of friends
That might have lied to us all

Visions of yesterday
Go back through the years
Back to creation
With the exception of fear

Down on this beach
From the cold north sea
The ghosts of ... land
Sing out to me

Down on this beach
From the baltic sea
We will dance on islands
Like we are diseased

Down on the sand will come a thought that will mark
A place in your conscience, a scratch in your heart
Hope here is random, survival is sure
Your trascendence expected, so be reassured

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