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M : MISSY ELLIOTT : Miss E... So Addictive

Miss E... So Addictive
Текст песни Get Ur Freak On

Get Ur Freak On

Get ur freak on

Headbanger.. hit me, hit me, hit me, hit me
Yeah.. gimme some new shit
Yeah.. gimme some new shit
Yeah.. gimme some new shit
Yeah.. gimme some new shit

Missy be puttin it down, I'm the hottest round
I told y'all mother(*skurt*), y'all can't stop me
Listen to me now, I'm lastin twenty rounds
And if you want me (nigga) then come on get me now
Is you with me now (yes) then biggie biggie bounce
I know you dig the way I sw-sw-switch my style
(holla!!) people sing around (yes)
Now people gather round, now people jump around

[chorus - repeat 2x]
Go, get your freak on (*repeat 6x*)
Go, getcha getcha getcha getcha getcha freak on

Who's that biiiiitch? people you don't know?
Me and timbaland been hot since twenty years ago
What da dilly yo, now what da drilly yo
If you wanna battle me then (nigga) lemme know
(holla!!) got to feel it son
Lemme throw you some.. {*japanese voice*}
People here I come, now sweat me when I'm done
We got the radio shook like we got a gun


Quiet!!!!!!! sssshhhhhh, hush yo' mouth
Silence when i, spit it out
{*hach-ptoo*}.. in yo' face
Open your mouth, give you a taste
(holla!!) ain't no stoppin me
Copywritten so, don't copy me
Y'all do it, sloppily
And y'all can't come, close to me (yes)
I know you feel me now (yes) I know you hear me
Loud (yes)
I scream it loud and proud (yes) missy gon' blow it
Down (yes)
People gon' play me now (yes) in and outta town
Cause I'm the best around (yes) with this crazy


... ichi ni san shi..

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