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Текст песни Have You Ever

Have You Ever

Have you ever told your mother
That she was more than god
And for all the life she gave you
You would give her twice as much
Have you ever told your father
You were angry that he left
And when both of you got older
Did you tell him you'd forgive
Yes I have

Have you ever loved your woman
With everything you got
Have you told her that without her
Life is really not a lot
Have you ever held your new born
And looked into his eyes
When you saw your own reflection
Were you man enough to cry
Yes I was

Should have done it long ago
Now I know
What I didn't long ago
And I know that life gets shorter
Every day we lose a day
So I want you all to know
That I love you

What do we wait for
When we keep our feelings
Locked up and to ourselves
We hesitate but soon we all regret
When we find the door has closed
And we're too late

Have you ever held a loaded gun
And pressed it to your head
Did you think of all the ones you loved
And the life that you have left
Have you ever told your friends
That they mean everything to you
Did you tell then that you'd be there
And help their dreams come true
Yes I have

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