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M : MIKE TRAMP : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Better Off

Better Off

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Shot gun blast from a young mans past
Couldn't take no more
Had to even the score
Old man dies with the truth he denies
He won't harm noone
Not his only son
Standing with the gun on his shoulder
Never thought he'd live to be older

Is he better off now
That his father is dead
Ever since a boy he's been trying to forget
Mama never was what a mother should be
But a loser
Such a loser

Jumped on his bike he would ride all night
Run away from it all
Leave the nightmare behind
Wake in the morning in a brand new place
Where the people he'd meet
Didn't know his face
He don't really know where he's going
And he can't forget where he's been


Fly on your wings
Up to the sky
Only your dreams can heal you
Away from the dark
Into the light
Now you can see the real you
Standing with your life on your shoulders
Never thought you'd live to be older

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