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M : MIKE RUTHERFORD : Mike Rutherford

Mike Rutherford
Текст песни Maxine


Maxine, well have you been?
Maxine, long time no see
Maxine, such a surprise
Maxine, just look out tonight

I hear you been livin' in paris
Under an assumed fame
They say that you've been married
If not in passion at least in name
Damn you, girl, it still hurts me
No man was ever safe, yeah
Taming the shrew comes easy
If any man knew your taste, maxine

Maxine, how times have changed
Maxine, well nothing's the same
Maxine, everything's gone
Maxine, your home ain't your own

You suit those european clothes
In a foreign sort of way
You still wear that air of distinction
In your fatefully stunning way
Damn you, girl, it still hurts me
And the years just made it worse
In fact our love is divided
Between the blessed and the cursed, maxine

Maxine, don't bring back the past
Maxine, life is too fast
Maxine, oh everything's changed
Maxine, nothing's the same
Maxine, maxine

I do remember, do you remember
I still remember, do you remember
I still remember, do you still -


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