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M : MICHELLE LEWIS : Little Leviathan

Little Leviathan
Текст песни Loaded


(michelle lewis/ teddy kumpel

He's a genius...from the northwest
He rode into town with the circus
The bearded lady and the iron man
She's a dreamer...from the suburbs
He nearly fell off his horse when he heard her
He said would you like to join my caravan?

After one night together
The world's changed forever as we know it
And God must have a sense of humor
To point 'em at each other so loaded
And they're loaded

He's a shut in...but I love him
He's got only eight fingers with webbing between them
It feels special when he holds my hand
I have three heads and nine eyes
I'm feeling my way
But I've found where his heart lies
We fit the pieces any way we can

And the people stare in horror
When they see us both together
And we know it
Cause God must have a sense of humor
To point us at each other so loaded
And we're loaded

It's a freak show, three ring
Everybody group sing - yeah, yeah
It's a doomed-from-the-start thing
Got to keep laughing - yeah, yeah
Oh yeah

Lalala lala lala

He's freak, you're a geek
It doesn't matter - you gotta love somebody
Well he's green and you're white
It's all right - you gotta love somebody
You gotta love somebody

Cause God must have a sense of humor
To point us at each other so loaded
And we're loaded
I'm so loaded
And we're loaded

Yeah, yeah
I say yeah yeah
Yeah yeah
Ohhh yeah

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