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Текст песни Juliet's Refrain

Juliet's Refrain

I would rip you all apart to take the pain you feel
And I would kill all my best friends to make this sweet
Dream real
I would make all your mistakes to try and understand
And if I hated who you are I still would lick your hands

We're right back here again; I'd kill to be your friend
And die to kiss your skin, I'd never kiss again
Forsake my name for you; I'd rip my soul in two
And claw off all my skin just to let you in
Give me all your babies' breath and crumpled paper wings
Give me all your sudden death and other silent things
Give me all your broken dreams, your broken heart and home give me all your
Wicked thoughts of breaking someone's balls

Repeat chorus
I'd be afraid to touch you; I wouldn't want to hurt you
And no one's ever held me quite so close as you are
And if you ask me to, I'll do us both for you
If you hold me tight I swear I won't be scared to die
Repeat chorus (fade)
I feel alone
I am alone
I've always been

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