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M : MICHAEL MCDONALD : Take It to Heart

Take It to Heart
Текст песни Tear It Up

Tear It Up

By gardner cole and seth swirsky

Now I need your touch tonight
Nobody else will do
The time is right
Love's a game and we're both in it
Playin' for real, we will win it
Gonna show them how it's meant to be

We're gonna make it together
We're gonna tear it up
Take it to the limit girl
We're gonna make it together
We're gonna tear it up
Never see the finish

Now tomorrow seems so bright
The future's lookin' good for us
We have a chance
If our faith is true and we don't break it
No one else could ever shake it
What we have will last eternally

True love forever, shine your light this way
And we'll stay together
Passion is all it takes to make it real
And it's what we're feelin'

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