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M : MICHAEL MCDONALD : If That's What It Takes

If That's What It Takes
Текст песни No Such Luck

No Such Luck

By michael mcdonald/grady walker/harry garfield

If we could dream our lives away
That would be just fine
Without the cares and fears that prey on everybody's mind

Tryin' to get back to a memory
Tryin' to put the flame back in our hearts
As we look back and we see the past
Like it never was

'cause it's no such luck
There ain't no such thing
Can't blame the stars or fever of spring
No such luck
There ain't no such thing
Something's always goin' wrong

We're just one step ahead of the heartaches|
Tryin' to disguise how they take their toll
Just when you think that you got it down
Then you lose control


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