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M : MICHAEL JACKSON : The Wiz Soundrack

The Wiz Soundrack
Текст песни He's The Wizard

He's The Wizard

Written & composed: charlie smalls

Sweet thing, let me tell you 'bout
The world and the way things are;
You've come from a different place
And I know you're traveled far.
Now that you told me what it is,
I'd better point you towards the wiz
Chorus :
He's the wiz...
He's the man, he's the only one
Who can give your wish right to ya.
He's the wizard...
He'll send you back through time
By runnin' magic through ya.
All of the super power's his.
Listen and I'll tell you where he is.
He's the wiz and he lives in oz

He's the wizard,
There's the way to the emerald city,
Now that's not too far, is it?
He's the wizard,
Just take you dilemma child,
And lay it on the wizard.
He'll fix you a drink that'ss
Bubble and foam-
And in a flash you will be home

He's the wiz,
He's the wizard of oz,
He's got magic up his sleeve;
He's the wizard,
And you know without his help
'twould be impossible to leave.
Fantastic powers at his command,
And I'm sure that he will understand

He's the wiz,
And he lives in oz;
He's the wizard! he's the wizard!
He's the wizard!!!

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