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M : MCGRUFF : Destined to Be

Destined to Be
Текст песни Before We Start

Before We Start

Chorus (mary brown singing)
Before we start fuckin', I wanna know if this is right, or is it only
For one night
Tell me, before I get open, I wanna know what's on your mind, baby don't
Waste my time

Verse 1:
Gruff stunnin', just like hev I keep it comin'
Keep the gin pumpin', freaks I'm slam dunkin'
Twistin' 'em, whippin' 'em, pourin' criss on 'em
The more I spit at 'em the more it gets to them
Position 'em, explore and fish in 'em
Keep them rainhats like I'm goin' fishin'n
Go deep, man I ain't no lil' bo peep
Sex so sweet, lick you neck to yo' feet
We can go eat, scoop you in the range rov. jeep
Creep to the marriot get a lil' suite
God damm, look at that ass on monique
It'll have a nigga trickin' his cash the whole week.

Chorus -

Verse 1:
Gruffy, girl you know you wanna rush me
Cuss me, talkin' 'bout I ain't see you since you fucked me
I don't wanna argue, I wanna puff and sip bubbly
Don't be mad at me 'cause these other chicks love me
Now I'm ugly? what's the matter you don't trust me?
What you mean you beeped me? I ain't get that
Don't sweat that, respect that
Gruff put them diamonds where your neck at
Picked you up in lefrak just so I can sex that
Talk to you dirty baby, kiss you where your breasts at
Can you dig that? that new attitude you need to quit that
I ain't wit' that, you ain't the way you was when I hit that
Did that, girls just be givin' up the kit-kat


Verse 3:
All the ladies wanna know is where gruff at?
They love that smooth harlem world thug cat
Stay high until the day I die
First class is the way I fly, nothin' less
I don't want nothin' but the best of success
Dough to invest, pressy rol's with baguettes
The whole mess, from here where we go next?
What a nigga wouldn't do for yo' sex?
Harlem diplomat, crime hound nigga stickin' that
Twistin' that, never lickin' that and thats that
I like how yo' ass phat, chocolate mac
Hit it from the front, from the back and thats a wrap.

Chorus 2x

All you niggas gon' hate this...money takers...uh...uptown
Universal.....children of the corn....mcgruff and hev diggy....d.o.....

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