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M : MARY J. BLIGE : No More Drama

No More Drama
Текст песни Steal Away

Steal Away

It's just that ghetto..ghetto
It's just that ghetto..ghetto..
It's ghetto..ghetto
That ghetto…ghetto..
We still ghetto..ghetto
That ghetto..ghetto

I've been thinking lately, baby
Maybe we should leave here tonight
I've been pushin papers crazy
Even if it's wrong, I feel it's right
Maybe we could make sweet love
Cause I know it feels so good
In order to escape this pressure..
Yeah..you know what? we should…

Steal away…steal away…
Leave for a day
We should have left much more soon
For one night, let's share the moon
Can we make love, all damn day

*just you and i….come on
Let's steal away

You know I really need you suga
I want you to make me your wife
I can't wait til we leave out
So we can be together, there's no doubt
That my lovin has no limit
So I will wipe away your frown
Pack all my sexy secrets
How I'll join you…for the rest of my life

~chorus 2x~

Fa show ma, let's steal away
Car keys to my mans benz and peel away
Spillin ‘ze (alize)
Whether your man like it or not
He ain't diggin it right, so i'ma be pipin a lot
Icy or hot mami..hold on if you're able
He'll put a flake on your hand…I'll floss your navel
What it calls, I'm able to make you happy
Whether it's the back of the 4.6 or the navi'
Blankets and pillows fluffed up..
And we shine like we're puffed up
Blowin that dro til we're fucked up
His luck's up..i just stole his honey
He wilin like I stole his money
His gold is honey, my gold is money
He can have my wife…while me and you live that lavish life
With your v. secret satin tight..thongs and bras
I'm hopin to God this ain't a mirage..uh

~chorus 2x~

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