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M : MARILYN MANSON : Portrait of an American Family

Portrait of an American Family
Текст песни Snake Eyes & Sissies

Snake Eyes & Sissies

Wrench is just a household God but I carry mine with pride
I don't work but I can work with it to split your smile
Run you down without a twitch, your car's just not as big as mine
Tear the son out of your and sprinkle your remains with lime

I ain't no workin' man, I do the best I can, I got the devil's hand rollin' sixes
I am the habit man, I use up all I can, I got the slacker's hand

My afternoon's remote control, daydream milk and genocide
Tranquility with broken knees, silly putty enemies
Butter knife in your side
What I got I got for free, middle finger technology
What's yours is mine, yours is mine, told you fucker, yours is mine
Snake eyes for sissies

I am the pedophile's dream, a messianic peter pan
Just a boy, just a boy, just a little fucking boy, I can never be a man

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