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Без сортировки
Текст песни Ray's Rockhouse

Ray's Rockhouse

Ray's rockhouse, that's my joint
House of soul, git my point
We don't care what's your blues
Come in here, lose yo' blues
When trouble comes a-knockin'
Everything looks better while y'rockin'
You don't notice trouble while y'rockin'
Rock! (repeat for 12 bars)

Let's rock! that's what we're offerin' you
Let's rock! that's what we wantcha' t'do
Let's rock! rock all y' troubles away
Let's rock! rock till the dawnin' o'day
Let's rock! rockhouse is ready t'roll
Let's rock! rockhouse is good f'th'soul

Ev'ry saturday night there's a scene
That's a part o'the fun
Mrs. tucker will enter the joint
In a search for her son
Every saturday night he sneaks out
Leavin' her in the lurch
But she's lookin' t'bring him on home
'cause tomorrow is church
She really hates the rockhouse
She's sure the devil is in control here
Nothin' but rock'n'roll here

Yodle-dole-dole (echo) lady who
Gotr a lotta rockin' to do
Swing - whatta y'waitin' for
We got plenty o'soul for you

Everybody gotta loosen your hip
Do a few rolls wait'll y'feel
Y'back'll slip then y'rockin'

(repeat chorus)

Sisters of the flockhouse
Ain't got no business comin' to th'rockhouse
All the people in here
Are all in t'sin in here
Of this there's no doubt
That's why miz' tucker is pullin' sam out

(repeat chorus)

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