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M : MAGNET : On Your Side

On Your Side
Текст песни Wish Me Well

Wish Me Well

It's been a long, long while, almost a year now to the day,
Since I was sent on my way
I got a place to stay, down in that old suburban high-rise,
Where the first-timer buys
Now every day is overcast, & the trains are always late
My head is somewhere in the past,
So I hang around & wait for time to pass

It's probably my mistake, & certainly no-one elses heartache
I'm just another one to break
But a boy can get so confused,
When there is nothing left to lose
I guess it's just my luck…
That every lie I've tried to buy, was never up for sale
These sour times weigh heavy, & have already tipped the scale

My oh my & hallelujah, cross my heart & hope to die
I can feel my luck is changing
It's a welcome stranger here
Cos I'm running out of change for my wishing-well
So wish me well…

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