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M : MADONNA : In The Beginning

In The Beginning
Текст песни Don't You Know?

Don't You Know?


You, you make my life much bright, baby
You're always on my mind
Don't you know you, you make my load much light, baby
True love is ours to find

You came along when I was losing my way
You touched my heart and now I'm ready to say
That all your sweetness callin' back ugly skies
And now I've fallen for the look in your eyes

I couldn't ask for more
You're what I'm looking for


Sometimes I feel I have to get away
I change my mind when I look in your eyes
And when those clouds come in to darken our day
You're never gonna hear me say good-bye

I couldn't ask for more
You're what I'm looking for

Don't you know

Don't you know?

Uh, oww, uh, oww
Uh, oww, uh, oww

Tainted love



Don't you know
(repeat and fade)

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