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L : LAURIE ANDERSON : Mister Heartbreak

Mister Heartbreak
Текст песни Gravity's Angel

Gravity's Angel

You can dance. you can make me laugh. you've got x-ray eyes. you know how to sing. you're a diplomat. you've got it all. everybody loves you. you can charm the birds out of the sky. but i, i've
Ne thing. you always know just what to say. and when to go. but I've got one thing. you can see in the dark. but I've got one thing: I loved you better. last night I woke up. saw this angel. he
In my window. and he said: girl, pretty proud of yourself, huh? and I looked around and said: who me? and he said: the higher you fly, the faster you fall. he said: send it up. watch it rise. se
Fall. gravity's rainbow. send it up. watch it rise. see it fall. gravity's angel. why these mountains? why this sky? this long road. this ugly train. well he was an ugly guy. with an ugly face.
So ran in the human race. and even God got sad just looking at him. and at his funeral all his friends stood around looking said. but they were really thinking of all the ham and cheese sandwich
The next room. and everybody
Used to hang around him. and I know why. they said: there but for the grace of the angels go i. why these mountains? why this sky? send it up. watch it rise. see it fall. gravity's rainbow. sen
Up. watch it rise. and fall. gravity's angel. well, we were just laying there. and this ghost of your other lover walked in. and stood there. made of thin air. full of desire. look. look. look.
Orgot to take your shirt. and there's your book. and there's your pen, sitting on the table. why these mountains? why this sky? this ong road? this empty room? why these mountains? why this sky?
Long road. this empty room.

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