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K : KIRK FRANKLIN : The Nu Nation Project

The Nu Nation Project
Текст песни Revolution


The Book Of Revelations, Chapter 7,
Verses 16 And 17
(Yes Sir!)
They Shall Hunger No More Neither Shall They Thirst Anymore!
(Preach, Preacher)
For God Shall Wipe Away
(Yes Sir)
Every Tear From There Eyes.
(Yes Sir)
Get Ready For A Revolution.
What You Say, Uh!

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oooooh Ooooh
Do You Want A Revolution?!
Whoo, Whoo!
Say Do You Want A Revolution?!
Whoo, Whoo!
Come On!

[Repeat Chorus]

Sick And Tired Of My Brothas Killing Each Other,
Sick And Tired Of Daddies Leavin' Babies With Their Mothers.
To Every Man Who Wants To Lay Around And Play Around ,
Listen Partner, You Should Be Man Enough To Stay Around.
Sick And Tired Of The Church Talkin' Religion And ,
Yet, They Talk About Each Other, Makin' Decisions.
No More Racism! Two-Facism! No Pollution! The Solution?
A Revolution!


[Verse Two:] No Crime! No Dying! Politicians Lying, Everybody's
To Make A Dollar It Makes Me Wanna Holler. The Way They Do My
They Way They Do My Life. There's Gonna Be A Brighter Day
All Your Troubles Will Pass Away.
A Revoltuion's Comin, Yes It's Comin, Comin'.
Revolution's Comin. Yes It's Comin, Revolution's Comin' Comin.

Kirk Franklin Rap: What You Feelin'? What You Want Son? Who You
Callin' To Son?
You Know Jesus Is The True Son. The Second In The Trinity. I
Know You Feelin'
Five Hundred Days Left Until The New Millenium. You Hearin 'em.
Trumpets Crack The Sky, Christ The Last, The First,The First,The
Last And Won't
So Don't Be Caught Slippin' Brotha Don't Be Trippin' Brotha
Cause When I See Ya' You Beter Not Be Dippin' Brotha.

Darkchild Rap: Everywhere We Go, We Say We Move To Much, We Do
To Much,
But When You Step Against Us ,A Yo, You Lose To Much.
Ain't No Stoppin' What I'm Doin' When The Spirit Movin'.
Don't Be Hatin' What I'm Doin, I'm The Vessel He's Usin'.
Everywhere I Be They Try To Judge Me, They Try To Shake Me, They
Try To Budge
But They Can't Break Me, Cause I'm Down With Christ.
Darkchild And Nu Nation Make Ya Feel Alright.

Where My East Coast Saints At?
Whoo Whoo!
Where My West Coast Saints At?
Whoo Whoo!
Where My Detroit Saints At?
Whoo Whoo!
Where My Dallas Saints At?
Whoo Whoo!
Where My Atl Saints At?
Whoo Whoo!
Where My Miami Saints At?
Whoo Whoo!
Where My Nashville Saints At?
Whoo Whoo!
Where My Fort Worth Saints At!!

All My Real Loud Saints Throw Your Hands Up!
[Simultaneously With The Background]
[Background:] With There Hands Up. Up They Got There Hands Up!
[Repeat 4X ]

[Chorus Until Fades ]

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