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K : KIRK FRANKLIN : The Nu Nation Project

The Nu Nation Project
Текст песни Gonna Be A Lovely Day

Gonna Be A Lovely Day


When I wake up in the morning love
And my heart is filled with pain
THe smile I had up on my face is gone
Can't see the sunshine from the rain

But when i think of you
Then the world is alright with me
Lord just one thought of you
And I know its gonna be
Deep: A Lovely Day
High: Lovely Day 8x
Deep: A Lovely Day
High: Lovely Day 8x

Jesus your the lover of my soul
The fire that burns
The fire that burns deep within - yea yea yea yea yea)
You are the joy this world can't take away
This spiritual love affair
It will never end (Ha Ha C'mon)


I know you going through some stuff now
You feel like giving up now
Your spot is tough now
But how can you learn if you don't fall
How can you walk at first you don't crawl?
But through it all you keep blessin me
While they pressin me
And they testin me
They keep stressin
Because they never heard a preacher flow
Show Go No

Chorus 2x

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