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Текст песни Let It Go

Let It Go

My mama gave me up when I was four years old
She didn't destroy my body but she killed my soul
Now it's cold 'cause I'm sleeping in my back seat
Understand the spirits with me but my flesh is week
Let me speak, I never had a chance to dream
Ten years old finding love in dirty magazines
Mr. Simmon you remember I bought you twice
Now I'm thirty plus and still paying the price
Had a sister that I barely knew
Kind of got separated by the age of two
Same mama different daddy so we couldn't figure
I saw my sister's daddy beated at the temple naked
Taking serious the demons in the mans mind
The same daddy with rape charges now he's doing time
Crack followed my daddy in for thirteen years
Haven't seen him cause he's ?

Shout Shout
Let it all out
These are the things I can do without
So come on
I talking to you
So Come on

Sex was how I made it throught
I so wondered teaching love so how did it do
So where I'm from they call you gay and say you ain't a man
Show them you ain't no punk
Get all the girls you can
Stop playing man that was just back in the day
Back to seventeen and got a baby on the way
Re-D-G all I see is failure in my eyes
If you listening then remeber I apalagize
I was raised all up in the church
Made mistakes heard the lord calling in the church
After service on the parking loy getting high
Wanted to be excepted so bad I was willing to die
Even tried to tell the pastor but he couldn't see
Years of low suckers demons and ?
Church taught me how to shout and speak in tounges
But please teach me how to speakwhen the tounge is done


See I'm See I'm
Soul surviver Soul surviver
World surviver
I just wanna let it go
Worl surviver soul surviver
Just wanna let it go

Jesus please on my knees hat you hear my cry
You said to put it in your hands and lord I'm really trying
You wasn't lying when you said you'd do what you so
Like that night mama died
Hard to let it go
You adopted me
Cared for me
And changed my name
But I cursed at you
Lied to you
Let your pain
It's not strange I can still see it in my head
To know If how I was laying in that bed
If you listening to us day and night
If my mama is living you tell her right
Don't be like me and let that woman slip away
And be careful cause you can't take back what you say
To my real mama if you listening I'm letting it go
To my father I forgive you 'cause you didn't know
And the pain it was preperation for my destiny
And one more thing lord that my son will be a better man than me
[(Chorus) 2x]

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