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K : KING TEE : Iv Life

Iv Life
Текст песни Duck


King tee:
Hey! here comes the funk of the future
And I can rock a rhyme from perquorma to hoover
The westside kid, quick to do a bid
Just watch me cock the glock and make room
Shit man I got a 12 guage with the infared scope
I found a tec 9 it use to be a radio
But now I'm a g, psycho, crazy
Fuck what you say and buck buck and I'm suazy
In my rag coup, front and back and it's quick
Punks with bump and that 3 wheel shit
Cause that's all you need when you need to be poppin'
Bust a u-turn on 3 wheels by the cops and
Damn if feels good to be triflin', you know what I'm sayin' cuz?
Who got the wallet, cause I'm buzzed
I got the black mack-11, sendin' fools to heaven
Get the fuck out my way, this is compton fool just...

Duck!duck! I'm about to bust some rounds.
Duck!duck! I'm fiendin' to bust some rounds.
Duck!duck! yeah, I'm about to bust some rounds

King tee:
Yo check it, they be like he's a maniac!
Yeah, bitch ant that's real, get the fuck up out the car and just peel
Yo punk I said right before I crash you in the grill
With the ass of my glock, watch the blood spill
Gangstas got love the nigga king tee
Just ask 'em who's the great weight, just watch 'em scream me
Quick with the punch, rollin' like clunch
Coming with the real shit, runnin' with a bunch of crazy niggas with wires
Hammers and plyers, your money and your blood
Plus the daytons and them tires
I be goin' so low, you can't get under
Niggas can't see me, ask stevie wonder, blazed in the chronic
Bumpin' delphonics, and my shit's screamin' like that group onyx
But hey, I'm the man that'll bust that ass open
When I was young me bb gun even has a scope so...


King tee:
God damn it's king tee with the funky bumrush
Smoke a lot of herb, but I never hit the dust
I can wreck them efx cause I ain't got my check baby
This ain't no punk shakin' shit, I'm goin' crazy
I think I'm goin' out of my head (say what!)
I said I think I'm going out of my head, so e-swift
Since you rule in the cuts, give me the gun and just duck, come on

Yo, I got a black case but it ain't for the mase
It's for the 4-4 I use to blast you in the face
Cause I be actin' kind of triflin' like my nigga tela
Cock the hammer blow you out your socks and your filas
Which way did he go? which way did he go?
Niggas don't know, I got to play the down low
Punks jump up and get blasted to the ground
So motherfucker duck, I'm about to bust a round


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