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J : JUSTIN HAYWARD : Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains
Текст песни One Again

One Again

Why worry, it's alright
I'm with you through the night
I've listened to your dreams
I feel the presence that you've seen
Step out of the darkness
And into the light
The words of the promise
That was made were right
No tears and no troubles
No heartache, no pain
I know that we're going to be one again

Still waters run so deep
The world listens when you speak
One nation of the free
All believing that there'll be
No troubles and no hunger
No heartache, no pain
I know that we're living to be one again
Walk out of the darkness and into the sun
And wake to the morning when we live as one

Step out of the darkness and into the light
The fire that we've kindled is still burning bright
The dawn of tomorrow comes back to today
We'll capture that moment, and we'll fly away

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