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J : JT MONEY : Pimping on Wax

Pimping on Wax
Текст песни Whatcha Want

Whatcha Want

Nigga, be the shit like manure
No niggas true'er, gats go boo-ya!
Slugs go through ya', give a fuck who ya' claim to be
None of y'all niggas can't hang with me
Gimme some room, let me slang these bow's
Flaw ass niggas, trick ass hoes
Pull a blade game, finna get you killed
Fuck with mine, I'll split your wig
Take no shorts, play no games
Put it on your ass boy, it ain't no thang
Chickens say j, let em stray
Death to them niggas that playa hate
Can't apologize nigga, it's too late
Whatcha want boy, come meet your fate
Know when you take, your ass gonna die
I'm the last nigga you wanna try


Whatcha want boy, nigga what you want huh? (x8)

I keep my business on the low-down
Cause the motherfuckers act like they so down
Wait up hoe, sit your ass better slow down
Cause I got enough bucks for us to go round'
I'm the type of nigga to get in your town
Find out where you live, kick your door down
Run up in it, lay you and your hoe down
Introduce both of y'all to the floor pal
Better know pal, j don't play shit
Real nigga from the m-i-a bitch
Flawed niggas in the game on their last leg
? ? ? ?
Better move that shit, before I come through
Cause I'm a hit you with more than the 1-2
I'm who, dat nigga you don't wanna fuck wit'
Hit your white ass open like a dove shit
Better bust bitch


It's a dirty game, niggas off the chain
Better keep a thang, better bang-bang
Gotta lay my hang up in this bitch
Flaw ass niggas, I'm a bust your shit
Money man comin', better start runnin'
Nigga when I'm coming, believe I'm gunnin'
Step to plate, i'ma shut you down
Got them choppers to cut you down
Wassup now, nigga still wanna play
Fuck with j, be d.o.a
Ain't no game, boy I said that before
Put a nigga ass six feet below
Nigga whatcha want, nigga whatcha need
Don't wanna die, then you better take heed
Rotten niggas gettin' beside theyself
Nigga like me, get bad for your health boy


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