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J : JONNY LANG : Lie to Me

Lie to Me
Текст песни Lie to Me

Lie to Me

Written by bruce mccabe and david z
Performed by jonny lang
From the album lie to me

Lie to me and tell me everything is all right
Lie to me and tell me that you'll stay here tonight
Tell me that you'll never leave,
And I'll just try to make believe
That everything you tell me is true

Lie to me, go ahead and lie to me

Lie to me, it doesn't matter anymore
It could never be what it was before
If I can't hold on to you
Leave me with somethin' I can hold onto,
For just a little while won't you let me be

Anyone can see
That you love him more than me
But right now, baby, let me pretend
That our love will never end

Lie to me, go ahead and lie to me

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