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J : JOHN FRUSCIANTE : Smile from The Streets You Hold

Smile from The Streets You Hold
Текст песни Enter a Uh

Enter a Uh

You see me now
While ago
You could shred this size only
You are a blender uh
We are always be with you with be me hey
I am masculine to all the lie
I am a boy and I know about him only
Line life ago I made her
Give me heeee I know
Made her sky my (? ? )
To high can't be we are
Higher can be we are
Higher couple we are
I could be we uh ah
La la la la la la la ahhh oi oi oi ya o o
Enter a uh
While (? ? )
We we are all
I am only reveal a gold demon
I am yeller
Kiss me there where
I bother told about her film and make her sensorial
I see I mean
Without me
Like it's ocean
Well I've been on there
Withavidavida screwer
Withavidavida screwer
Aii aiii aii oiii oiii
-(very high pitch) heeeelp-
You seen the same order ohh you missed
You headless eyes lonely babe lord I was ready yaaay
I was gonna dream that if we were yaaay. ohh.
I wonder if we were (? ? )
Leave me alone me said
I'm afraid

But which from one more buy
Bad brown wears is bad
Round round lonely babe into drain
Diss it very good look me for the colder
Bad feel.
Bad sky while (? ? ) lion lame life lame life lies on land
Skies fuck you
I wanna kiss meet you
Devote you to help

I (? ? ) stains for father reaches his back
Well into a bowl
It isn't so task true key
Insandrium heart leave back
Daughter danger life
Cuz they all know

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