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J : JOHN FRUSCIANTE : Smile from The Streets You Hold

Smile from The Streets You Hold
Текст песни Breathe


Part 1

Voice 1: hole in my pocket

Voice 2: in mysteries

Voice 1: sold my women to you feed me
Voice 2: there's been wine for him

Voice 2: I feel bad what's wrong my love

Voice 1: on a ground you are a clown if I each
Voice 1: my select pied of course (? ? ? )

Voice 1: sold your woman I've been on your cock about in
Voice 2: have you been you I've seen. what about sin.

Voice 2: she loves

Voice 1: you with your fresh towel
Voice 2: she has thrown down

Voice 1: do you bloomer in your fool
Voice 2: you gloom I have been

Voice 1: give this darling
Voice 2: with this tumbling door bell ring

Voice 2: she be into me

Voice 2: my trend

Voice 2: she would steal

Voice 1: you won't believe it's been you
Voice 2: you are this and that you

Voice 1: could you believe this is matter of true, oh yeah
Voice 2: could you be, this is true

Voice 1: hold your woman
Voice 2: in moment matter

Voice 2: it's been happening right

Voice 1: you found
Voice 2: you find

Voice 1: you're buys
Voice 2: you fortune the penis

Voice 1: like at the sky have no country side
Voice 2: in the book store have become

Voice 1: if you know what I mean
Voice 2: you can have the same dope and it

Voice 2: this sucks

Voice 1: do you know what I mean
Voice 2: no matter where are go the people are marvelous

Voice 1: let her scream
Voice 2: you survive

Voice 1: to the one that she owes a scream
Voice 2: your porch porcupine

Voice 1: with I have been a vein I think we were the same in mushroom
Voice 2: I've been porcupine ah ha hey porcupine

Part 2

Voice 2: that surly must have been the case

Voice 2: face to mate alot of face

Voice 2: you burns pushed me to work

Voice 2: I was charming

Voice 2: hope you come

Voice 2: but the future this way

Voice 2: is with the minor pain from age

Voice 2: the more I hear for pilots treausre

Voice 2: I will to get anything

Voice 1: hey
Voice 2: inspection

Voice 1: I put my life in times
Voice 2: I have this thing too

Voice 1: oh so happy
Voice 2: you think your cool

Voice 1: in on this feel
Voice 2: you have been into the school

Voice 1: (? ? ? ) in your voice
Voice 2: you have nowhere you have bets for what you do

Voice 1: you animated me

Voice 2: hey you are

Voice 1: so see this down
Voice 2: blending me with the sunshine

Voice 1: I've been judie I been gee I'm used to them nobody no beggining
Voice 2: you had me you and pooh thru you have lots of pikachu. (4:15)

Voice 1: noel eat no mend
Voice 2: you're the one you vein

Voice 2: lord, lord,

Voice 1: it will give pour now said
Voice 2: lord

Voice 1: I order
Voice 2: you think your cool

Voice 1: no one
Voice 2: you have been into the school

Voice 1: but you lost it's spark
Voice 2: you had mo out of made of you

Voice 1: not even mister ash
Voice 2: wooooo

Voice 2: yeah

Voice 1: appends
Voice 2: hmm.

Voice 1: owww

Voice 1: yeah sure

Voice 1: you know expressions

Voice 1: we would be like the peices paper

Voice 1: be cleared away not just us in my room

Voice 1: the over pichers carl hanna

Voice 1: halleluya owwwww

Voice 1: appear about horses

Voice 1: no not today

Voice 1: cuz today is for walking

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