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J : JOHN FARNHAM : Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction
Текст песни In Days to Come

In Days to Come

John farnham, david hirschfelder, and ross fraser

I heard him sing when I was young
Imagine if you can
Imagine if the world was one
A brotherhood of man

I have a dream I heard him say
A dream in black and white
I have a dream (that all men are created equal)
A dream of civil right

In days to come we'll see the sun
As more than just a star
In days to come we'll be as one
No matter where we are

I saw the words written on a wall
For the times they are a changin'
And then he told me the answer
For the answer is blowing in the wind

I saw a picture in the sky tonight
Men walking on the moon
They didn't know if it was wrong or right
It happened all too soon

I heard him sing when I was young
Imagine if you can
Imagine all the people
A brotherhood of man

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