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J : JOE JACKSON : Beat Crazy

Beat Crazy
Текст песни The Evil Eye

The Evil Eye

People say there's no such thing as voodoo
I don't know why
People say there's no such thing as love
I got a job in s.e. 15
And after tax my wage is 16
July the 17th I'll be 18
I don't think I'll live till 19
People say I'm looking so much older than what I am
People laugh at me when I say why
I'm being watched
By the evil eye
Working for a man who wears a straw hat and never smiles
And an apron striped and splashed with blood
I stack a pig's head on the shelf
The boss comes along and says move yourself
I can't move I'm hypnotized
Staring into a dead pig's eyes
I turn around and all I see is ladies
With shopping bags
Staring at me trying to read my mind
And I'm being watched
By the evil eye
And I'm being watched
By the evil eye
(walking home - on my own
Standing on the bus stop- crossing the road
I'm being followed - 'cause I can feel
Someone's breath on my neck
Someone's toe on my heel . . .)
Gotta keep on walking
I can't stop now - I've come too far
Wait till I get home and lock the door
I got the candles burning low
I got the cramps on the stereo
I got the doll now I can start
With a pin right trough the heart
I got dolls with straw hats
I got ladies with shopping bags
They'll be sorry they crossed me tonight
Now they're being watched
By the evil eye
Being watched
By the evil eye

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