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Текст песни May I Whisper in Your Ear

May I Whisper in Your Ear

May I whisper in your ear
From my heart so you'll clearly hear...
There are people so dear...
They're like children...
Naked in a cold world...
Beautiful children
In an old world...

May I take you away
From the evils of today
To the dreams of tomorrow.
You know that heaven...
Has no sorrow.
You know that heaven...
Has no tomorrow.

Hear the sound of the magic drums...
Hearts are beating for the sun...
Sending evil on the run...
Now watch the wind...

Look over yonder...
Here comes some news...
Coming down like lightning...
Straight for me and you.
People of destruction
Your time is out of date...
People who's living crooked,
Better start getting straight.

I've been through some changes,
A whole lot of re-arranges...
Been through some ups and downs,
And whole lot of turn arounds.
I been on the shelf and even killed myself...
1,000 times ago and maybe 1,000
Times more.

She said she comes from ice land...
I told her I was from the west.
She took me to the snow capped mountains...
And then she put me through the test...
We walked across the glacier,
The horses stayed behind...
And as we laid between the
Frozen vallies we kissed
For the very first time.
And now we're stuck together.

It was too long ago.
But it seems like...years ago...
Since I felt the warm hello of the sun.
Lately things seem a little colder...
The wind, it seems to get a little bolder.

Forget of my name
Remember it only as a hand shake,
Introduction to my belief which is god.
Ride instead the waves of my interpreture,
Music, sound
Hynotic if you choose
But truth and life
Regardless of your questionable timid compromises
Which I intend to erase.
Which I will erase without hint of reward
As I am only a messenger
And you a sheep in process of evolution
Almost at death with yourself
And on the staircase of birth.
Soon you may almost forget the smell of your family...

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