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J : JANIS JOPLIN : From The Soundtrack of The Motion Picture Janis

From The Soundtrack of The Motion Picture Janis
Текст песни Albert Hall Interview

Albert Hall Interview

This whole thing that's happened to me, you see, this whole success thing, er, it hasn't yet really compromised the position that I took a long time ago in texas, that was to be true to myself
Be the person that I f ... that was on inside of me and not play games. you see, actually what I'm trying to do mostly, if i, in the whole world, is to not bullshit myself, and not bullshit anyb
Lse. to be righteous to myself, I mean to be real, you know what I mean ? and so far, you know i'm, I'm just tryin' to ... I'm doin' that, I am, you know. I'm not wearin' cardboard eyelashes, an
D, you know, and girdles, and playin' in las vegas. by still bein' janis, I just happens to be on a slightly different level or somethin' now. and ... you know I suppose it's because I've never
Premeditated enough in show-business that I was worried about putting on a, a face, you know what I mean ? so I can sit here and tell you the truth. you know ? otherwise it's slightly inhibiting
Lly, it doesn't, it doesn't f
Orce a game on me, because I refuse to let it force a game on me. so I can sit here and be just as honest as I would be in a bar, although I'd be a lot happier in a bar!

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