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J : JAGGED EDGE : Jagged Little Thrill

Jagged Little Thrill
Текст песни Cut Somethin'

Cut Somethin'

Je yall
Yall know
Yeah yeah check this out
We gon let y'all hear a lil southern lingo
You hear what they saying
Cut something
Cut something
Cut something
You cut something

Cut a nigga for the low low
Or betta yet cut a nigga from so so
I heard you cut a nigga from the dtp
And got ddt'ed from college park to the dec
See we be sittin on low pro
Shippin bitches by the boat loads
Not to many people dat can see this cheese
Betta run these g's
Ludacris and the pimp mc's je

Je to all of yall
Who don't know
Let me explain
What cuttin is and how it go
Gotta know the game
Cause you can say the wrong thing
To the wrong girl
With the wrong man
And let's just say it might be a long night
First thing you should know
Do she get down
Now if she's even feelin you
Is she worth your wild
Like this girl I met the other day
She was feeling me
I was feeling her
And I couldn't believe what she said

Hook she said cut something
She looked at me
I looked at her
I said ain't nothing
I couldn't believe what I just heard
She was not frontin
I like my woman kinda bold
But she was un un
She said cut something
I'm peeping you
You peeping me
So let's stop playing
She said you ain't never had a girl like me
Make you feel like this
So we can go after the show
Baby cutn something
We should cut something
Don't be scared

I usually never mess with a girl that steps
Up to me before i
Even get the chance
Let a woman be a woman
Let a man be a man see
And that's the way I like it baby
Now there's always exceptions to
To every rule
This one had to let on in
She was hella cool
She like to do the things
That a man really want it
This is what she said


I know that things have changed
Cause now when women go out
They be on the prowl
Harder then men
I know when I figured it out
When this girl walked up
She said cut something
Ain't like I'm trippin about it
I just remembered when a man could be a man baby
I still can't believe what she said

She need me to feed it
And beat it
Beat it then skeeted
She'd greet it with open tongue
The coke and rum
Gotta her so excited
She's screamin at the top of lungs
She just can't hide it
I'm pop her gums
Cock my popular gun
Shoot shoot
Lick lick
From the head to the toes
Head to the floor
Head till ain't no head no more
Cut till ain't no bed no mo
Cut to ya bitch don't beg no mo
Jagged edge grabbin legs
Women in the morning scrambling eggs
Cookin meal
Makin deals
And I gotta tell what she said


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