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J : JACKSON 5 : Abc

Текст песни I Found That Girl

I Found That Girl

Mama, oh mama, I found that girl
Mama, oh mama, I found that girl
Mama pray for me now it's a new sensation

Just like you said it would be with the right situation
Now love has a meaning and I have a goal
This feeling is hurting me now makes changes me all

The dream I own now I understand what is it to be a man
The way you explained to me that day
You said only the right girl can make me feel this way

Mama, I think I found that girl
Mama, I think I found that girl
Mama, she's a beautiful dream but the dream is life

She's like better love all those wings of a fly
She's those words left when there's no more to say
She's more sunshine happy end at a perfect day

All this left me find a reason to be alive
The day when you said me upon your knees
You said only the right girl could be all these things


You said sun's gone and search you out

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