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Текст песни The Loons

The Loons

Who is this?
Who do you wish to speak with?
Your neck
Neckcutta, neckcutta, neckcutta, neckcutta, neck...cutta

Little miss muffet, oh, she never had a clue
Of the psychopathic wicked clown is finna do
Creeping through the backyards underneath the moon
Only three blocks away, the joker looney toon

Listen to the loon, listen to the pain
Listen to the one they call the violent j insane
Watch me as I duck and I dash through the night
I can see the shadows of the moon in my butcher knife

Pretty little world has created this monster
See me living with a dead body in a dumpster
Laughing in your castle but I can't crush your moat
But then I take a boat and cut your fucking throat

So now I'm getting closer so I crawl under a house
I'm waiting for the car to pass and then I crawl back out
Another block down just a little ways to go...

I'm the neck cutter and I'm three blocks away (3x)
Violent violent, violent j
I'm the neck cutter and I'm three blocks away (3x)
J, j, violent j

I can hear the crickets and the creatures of the night
You can hear me drag my foot and scrape my butcher knife
I can hear the owl as it trims a wicked tune
You can hear the loons, the loons, the loons

Listen to the little pitter-patter of my feet
As I howl like a dog and I'm running down the street
Hiding in the trees, hiding in the bushes
You're sitting on your couch and I'm underneath your cushions

Stab you in the back of the head, why not?
Your little governor is taking everything I got
I can't feed a family, I can't feed a dog
So I cut your fucking head off, hey

Wickey, wickey jokers and you know we show and prove
Jumping over roof tops, juggaluga move
Tell me have you ever seen a ghetto freak show

I'm the neck cutter and I'm two blocks away (3x)
Violent violent, violent j
I'm the neck cutter and I'm two blocks away (3x)
J, j, violent j

I gotta kill her
I have to kill her
I'm gonna kill her
I'm gonna kill her
I'm gonna...

You can think I'm joking on my joker while you laugh
I'm coming to your house I'm finna cut your neck in half
Everywhere I go the grim reaper stays on me
Cuz the fucker knows I'm always leaving dead bodies

I can see him standing at the end of the block
Cuz somebody's clock is running out of tock
Slip in the cracks of the walls of the eave
All that's justified as every punishment received

Everything you've ever done to me is out of hate
I'm begging on my knees and you slam your golden gate
So I pick myself up and I snuck around the back
And took your money stack then stabbed your fucking neck

Slowly only go as the night air is calm
I might stop and chill and drink a 40 on the lawn
Right before I take the final step to your front door

I'm the neck cutter and I'm one block away (3x)
Violent violent, violent j
I'm the neck cutter and I'm one block away (3x)
J, j, violent j

I'm going up there (I'm the neck cutter)

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