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I : INSANE CLOWN POSSE : Great Milenko

Great Milenko
Текст песни House of Horrors

House of Horrors

Hey there, do ya like excitement?
Do ya like suspense?
Do you like nel carter?
Good, cuz you won't find her here, this is the house of horrors. and for
You it's absolutely free, step right in.
Say no more stupid-ass, your breath says enough.
It's so dark.
Don't lose me.
C'mon, I found a door
Wabugawoo, waaa! welcome to the house of horrors,
Ya born in a barn, shut the fuckin' door.
Ya see, bam, cuz I'm about to scare ya
Bbbblblblblbl, okay now I dare ya
Close ya eyes, open up ya mouth, and count to ten,
Don't wanna, huh? cuz ya know my nuts are goin' in,
I'm twisted, I'll cut ya finger off, and stick it in ya butt
Ooouuuuhhhhhéand glue it shut
This is when I get get crazy, lemme show ya somethin',
Bbbbbbb! ya know what that means? it don't mean nothin', ha-ha!
But it scared ya, cuz people don't be doin' that shit,
But me, bbbbbbbb, bitch, bbbbb, now what about it? (bbbbbbbbb)
Guess what, I'm a serial killer, it's a bad habit,
I killed tony, lucky charms, and the silly rabbit,
Uh! cut the lights off, see that shit, I'm glowin'
Allright, I'm done, cut 'em back on, wait, where ya goin'?
Welcome to the house of horrors!
Comes from within me, me, me.
Comes from within me, horrors, hey.
Comes from within me, me, me.
Come to the house of horrors, hey.
(end chorus)
Honey, I'm not haning a good time.
I know, c'mon, this must be the way out.
Hey, what the fuck, come in guys, grab a chair,
Don't mind me drinkin' my beer in my underwear.
C'mon, let's play some cardback, I just gotta cary,
Hey, keep it down in there, shaggs, what the hell? sorry!
Look at that shit!(what? ) you almost got me grounded,
I'm a have to take your forehead and pound it.
I'll bend you over, and tie you up to a pole,
And strech your nuts back, and fling 'em up your butthole!
I'm a phantom, listen to me, ahhh,
That didn't do it? how 'bout this? ahhhh!!!
I'm so scary, they call me joey terrifyin',
Did ya know that? (yeah) no ya didn't, I was lyin'!
I represent igors,
I'm yellin' in town,
I'm comin' outta southwest,
Wicked clowns!
Bathrooms? sure, it's right there, down the hall,
Don't flush it though, I'll make dinner for you all,
Amuck, naya, baaa, but that's two,
Wait a minute, hey, don't leave me yet, hey!
Welcome to the house of horrors!
I'm s-scared.
I know, sweetie, come on!
(vocal interlude w/laughs)
Jump steady, nate the mack, lemme tell ya somethin',
Wit billy bill and rude boy, (what about 'em? ) nothin'!
They're my boys, I just had to give 'em props,
And together we form the cyclops!
He-he-he-he-he look at you, he-he, you're a bitch.
Should I let you're ass go? ha-ha-ha-ha, no.
I'll let your bitch out, but you get the bone,
Run along sugar-tits, he ain't comin home.
Dont let the door hit you where the good lord split ya bitch.

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