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I : INFORMATION SOCIETY : Peace & Love, Inc.

Peace & Love, Inc.
Текст песни Still Here

Still Here

So I dreamed we were somewhere
And everything you said was real
And everything I said was right
That we don't have to fear the night

Then I'm in light and I still find
That when we look around we still feel
Like we're running out of time
And there is nothing left for us to try

We stay together now
When all the signals say we
Should move on from here

But I don't think it's coincidence
And I don't believe in accidents
It's time to ask ourselves
Why are we still here

Come back down and we still find
That all our waking fears are around us and
Shining in our eyes
They are blinding out the skies

Something still you don't give me
Something that just won't break
You sit there silent in your place
And try to see your face

Why do we still try
When all our time is spent in
Holding on to hope

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