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Текст песни Growing up With Shiva

Growing up With Shiva

Growing up with shiva
Is not as easy as it seems
It's getting harder to sleep at night,
And I don't always like my dreams
Everybody's living down here
I don't hate,
But I dertainly fear
White is white,
Black is black
Everybody's know we aren't going back
As time goes by,
It gets more clear
Nobody's going to leave from here
Let's all life in festive desperation
We're all flushed with annihilation
Give me a yard
And I'll take a mile
Because chaos never goes out of style
You can trust him
He's no fair weather friend
He'll stay with you
Until the bitter end
We're all familiar with life at versailles
And I get the feeling time's passing us by
We're realized our true intention
We're relaxing in the tension
Let's dance our dance
And sing our song,
And hope to God that we are wrong
Scared of being bored
And bored with being scared
I wonder if anyone really cared?

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