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I : INDIGO GIRLS : Strange Fire

Strange Fire
Текст песни Hey Jesus

Hey Jesus

Hey jesus it's me
I don't usually talk to you
But my baby's gonna leave me
And there's something you must do
I am not your faithful servant
I hang around sometimes
With a bunch of your black sheep
But if you make my baby stay
I'll make it up to you
And that's a promise I will keep

Hey jesus it's me
I'm the one who talked to you yesterday
And I asked you please please
For a favor but my baby's gone away
Went away anyway
And I don't really think it's fair
You've got the power to make us all
Believe in you
And then we call you in our despair
And you don't come through

Hey jesus it's me
I'm sorry
I don't remember all I said
I had a few, no, too many
And they went straight to my head
And made me feel like I could argue with god
But you know it's easy for you
You got friends all over the world
You had the whole world waiting for your birth
But now I ain't got nobody
I don't know what my life's worth

I'm not gonna call on you any more
I'm sure you've got a million things to do
All I was trying to do
Was to get through to you
Get through to you
Because when I die and I get up to your doors
I don't even know if you're gonna let me in the place
How come I gotta die
To get a chance to talk to
You face to face

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