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I : INDIGO GIRLS : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Thursday Afternoon

Thursday Afternoon

Her life is a show
One act follows the other everywhere she goes
She takes the leading role
She never plays herself
Save for the time she's on the stage

Color her black or white
Now either one reflects the teardrops
One extreme for the other
Nothing in between
Color her white for the princess she could be
Color her black for the troubled child she plays so well
Well she's dancing through hell on a dream

And blue is soul of the one
Reaching for the man that she hasn't got yet
And holding on to those hearts for lost causes
She could be so bright
But she's reaching for us all
Color her blue for the loneliness she feels
She's hiding her heart in the sky

And this is a thursday afternoon
It's just another thursday afternoon
It's just another thursday afternoon

Color me grey
I'm a little bit of everything today
And I'm not sure just where I'm going
Color me grey
Wishing I was something more of distinction

Color us all 'cause we're just stars
Wishing our lives away
Into the distance
And out of existence

Color her black or white
Color her blue
Or color me grey
Color us all - we're stars
Wishing our lives away
Now we're stars

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