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Текст песни Running from The Cold

Running from The Cold

I took off last night with my coat and my intention
To make connections with the eyes that left me blind
Left my love for the strength of that white, white line
I left one more time I could have heard I love you
One more time I could have heard I care
One more time when I needed that emotion
One more time I wasn't even there

Through the darkness and the distance
Lie champagne and smoky smiles
Bounded by the sorrow having lost love to the miles
I feel you
You're not a stranger to this white, white line
I watched your eyes chose words so slowly
Illusions to my view
But I laugh and say it's highway 75 that draws me here
It's not me and it's not you
There was one more time when I should have said I love you
One more time when I should have told you I care
When we sit here in silence
And we miss the ones we love that can't be here
It's the love we leave behind

I tried to lose this restless spirit in a mission of regrets
But I can't survive without this war
And your eyes reflect the visions that I can't forget
I find balance on a darkened highway
I find truth by the side of the road
And someone else's tune to lift me high above the line
That leaves me running from the cold
Running from the cold
Running from the cold

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