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Текст песни Cold as Ice

Cold as Ice

I don't think you understand
Oh the rhythm of my heart
There's a strong line to mind and soul
I feel it tearing apart
I've been searching for new words
Gonna make you understand in a different way
When I told you I'd hang on forever
I threw my choice away
And it's cold as ice
I can't let go
It's cold as ice
Baby but I need your love

And I wish I could have been the first one
Oh to walk out the door
The more I find myself to blame
The less there is to come back for
You wish you could have been the last one
To tell me how you really feel
Cause when you closed the door oh deep inside
My heart it still seemed so sincere
And it's cold as ice
I can't let go oh
It's cold as ice
Baby but I need your love

It's cold as ice
I can't let go
It's cold as ice
Baby but I need your love

If there's a message to this madness
Well it still seems quite unclear
If I really need to save myself
Why can't I just walk out of here
There's a message in your eyes
And you make it perfectly plain
Either I leave your heart behind
Or crack beneath this freezing
Freezing freezing freezing rain
Cold as ice
(cold as ice)
I can't let go
(but I can't let go)
Cold as ice
Baby but i
But I need your love

All right
I said I'm cold
Cold I'm cold
(cold as ice)
Cold I'm cold
Cold I'm cold
(cold as ice darling)
Cold as ice
(cold as ice)
Oh no but I can't let go
(I said I'm freezing, freezing)
Oh no no I can't let go
(freezing, freezing, freezing, freezing)
No no I'm cold as ice
(whoa whoa baby yeah)
I'm cold as ice
But I can't let go

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