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H : HOLLIES : Romany

Текст песни Courage of Your Convictions

Courage of Your Convictions

(rush / cullers)
If you know you're right
When the others are wrong
It's hard to sit and take it
They treat you like you've lost your senses
Call you troublemaker

I'm not trying to cause you trouble
I don't wanna fight
Someone's got to stand up sometime
And do what's right

Just have the courage of
The courage of your convictions

People tell you do what's right
And set and good example
Sometimes right means who to hate
Listen to the people
I'm not trying to mess your mind up
But it's plain to see
People pulling from both sides
It's agitating me

So have the courage of
The courage of your convictions

People teaming up on sides
Hating one another
Know your heart before you join
A team to hurt your brother

If there's a way to lead us from this
Like in troubled times
It won't be found through blood and hate
But through courageous minds


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