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H : HOLLIES : Evolution

Текст песни The Games We Play

The Games We Play

(hicks / clarke / nash)
Well I heard your mother say
What a pleasant boy you're going with
That I don't mean any harm
And I only want to play
Though I know she's just protecting you
You're just a little girl
Well if your mother only knew the games we play

When I take you home with me
All the family get along with you
Sitting all through tea
Wondering what we're gonna do
Leaving us alone
The temptation's far too strong
If your family only knew the games we play

Are you sure we're getting away with this
You cannot fool your mother or your father for long
Only time will tell
If they are right and we are wrong


They know the games we play
There's no hiding things like this from them
We know we're not the first
And we'll never be the last
Everybody gets hung up
We might have to pay
And everybody knows the games we play

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