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H : HOLLIES : Confessions of The Mind

Confessions of The Mind
Текст песни Perfect Lady Housewife

Perfect Lady Housewife

(clarke / sylvester)
Perfect lady housewife
Her totally detached
Sepulchre is painted white
Its gentique suite unscratched
A veritable show case
It shines like a new pin
Everything is in it's place
And there's a place for everything

A, b, c, d. that's the way it's gotta be
1, 2, 3, 4. count them up and know the score

Foot upon the parquet
Makes her awfully vexed
Onset of vile anarchy
Oh lord, whatever next
Messiness is no excuse
It's showing no respect
Random factor introduced
Just goes and spoils the whole effect


Efficient official
His patience overtaxed
Don't these people know that rules
Can never be relaxed
He could be humanised
You would never imagine
Everyone is categorised
And there's a place for everything


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