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H : HOLLIES : Butterfly

Текст песни Elevated Observations?

Elevated Observations?

(clarke / hicks / nash)
On top of a hill is a nice place to be at,
Diggin' the country for miles around.
Watchin' the people like ants on a hillside,
Running around, running around.

So far below me I see the confusion,
Small-minded men with their small-minded wives.
If they could see themselves where I am standing,
They'd alter their lives, alter their lives.

And I'm so high up I touch the sky.
And I'm so high up I touch the sky.
Climb up here, jump up here,
Skip up, or run up.
Get up here somehow 'cos you'll find your head.
Finally finding the level you're after.
Ego is dead. ego is dead.

And I'm so high up I touch the sky.
And I'm so high up I touch the sky.

Wish they'd start using the path of tomorrow.
There's only way up and one way down.
Decide for yourself on the path you'll be taking
When you look down, down and around.

And I'm so high up I touch the sky ...

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