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H : HEAVEN 17 : Pleasure One

Pleasure One
Текст песни Look at Me

Look at Me

I know a place where we can talk
A precious smile poor little girl so pale and proud

Hold me
Control me
So proud

You're on the town you're on your own
Don't walk away don't pass me by and run for home

Hold me
Control me
Don't run for home

I followed you I tracked you down
And now it's time to go underground
I've never been alone with you
So hold my hand and lead me through
If you say I'll make room for you
If you do exactly what I tell you to
The saddest face the perfect thing
It's time to face what's happening

Now that you're here
There's nothing to fear
Just look at me
Look at me

There's something I cannot resist
Let me tell you what it is
It's when you walk away from me
I promise not to set you free
Don't try to run I'm everywhere
If you escape then I'll be there

I know a place where we can talk
I'll walk with you, don't hide away
And leave me here alone
Not here alone

Alone with you
I think you always knew
Just look at me
Look at me
Look at me
Look at me

You're on the town you're not alone
I can't give up poor little girl so sweet and small
So sweet and small

Hold me
Control me

Hold me
Control me

Look at me
Look at me

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