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H : HEAVEN 17 : How Men Are

How Men Are
Текст песни The Skin I'm In

The Skin I'm In

The skin I'm in
It's hard to see, I know

This skin I'm in

We're never free

Don't you agree?

Yet another age has passed
We all must look away
From the way we are today
We must look away

On every fate
Opening eyes will see

Who does not cry?

This skin I'm in

No-one can hide

How's the world been leaving you?
The future came too late
For the ones who cannot wait

It will come too late

This skin I'm in
Down to the bone, our blood

Fit for a king

It's no surprise

There's no disguise

Maybe all we need is time
To wipe away the tears
We let fall throughout the years
You must hide your tears

Within this skin
Until the end we grow

And as we sing
We have no more to show
Now walk and say nothing

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