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H : HARVEY DANGER : Без сортировки

Без сортировки
Текст песни Radio Silence

Radio Silence

Let it sing
Let it die
And roll out the carpets
No such thing
Mustn't pry
All hail to another confession
And it's losing me

Where have all the merrymakers gone?

Some people will surprise you with a real depth of feeling
Others still may shock you with all that they're revealing
But one thing's sure: there's always more information than you ask for.
Ask for this:
Just enough knowledge to know I don't know anything
Some things are personal (at least they should be)
Or is it too much to ask you just to maintain a little
Maintain a little
Maintain a little
Maintain a little
Maintain a little
Maintain a little
(take the cynical saint to the stake and burn it)

It's radio radio silence silence.

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