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G : GRAVEBLANKETS : Western Medicine

Western Medicine
Текст песни Rosewood Casket

Rosewood Casket

There's a little rosewood casket filled with her letters
And any other thing she gave to me,
And I don't know why I keep it
She is so long gone and I don't know why I cry every day

I see her on the street, she smiles so sweetly
And I look her in the eye and try to do the same
And I don't know why I do it
She is so long gone and I don't know why I go there every day

I wish I could climb in a little rosewood casket
And I wanna to sleep forever or til my sleep is done
But sleep won't make things better
And time won't move faster, only the end can cure what's wrong

There's a little tiny detail I always leave out
And that is why she left me as if there was some doubt
But all that really matters is I lost the war
And I don't think he's a good friend anymore

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