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G : GRAVEBLANKETS : Western Medicine

Western Medicine
Текст песни Jealous of Your Throne

Jealous of Your Throne

I don't mean to gripe but I saw you open tonight
In your latest play and I know what your critics will say
They'll say you should've stayed home and your mind wanders then it roams

They're just jealous of your throne

You've had a little to drink but first night jitters shouldn't make you think
Of giving up the ghost, it's what you do best and I love the most
But they'll say you should've stayed home and go over you with a fine tooth comb

They're just jealous of your throne

So please don't close the show
Take a deep breath and then blow
Everyone away and close your ears to the small minds that say
You sing in a monotone that sounds best on the telephone

They're just jealous of your throne

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