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G : GORDON LIGHTFOOT : Без сортировки

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Текст песни Waiting for You

Waiting for You

Say what you will, I will miss you my friends
Let me move along for the road never ends
Vowing to live till the end of all time
All the way to the ends of the earth because i'm
Waiting for you to say you will be mine
Many long days, many long years
Many wrong plays, many wrong fears
I could be tossed in the arms of the sea
I could be caught between decks eternally
Waiting for you to ask what's keeping me

What would we do at the end of the day
When the hours are asleep and the time slips away
Children are all that the earth has to show
Children are all that the earth wants to know
Up here in the northland, up here in the snow

Up in the wilderness, land of our birth
Land of our toil, land of our worth
I could stay healthy and wealthy and wise
For I love the snow other snowbirds criticize
Tell that to a wife and you'll get a surprise

The skies of north america are covered in stars
Over factories and farms, over hamlets and bars
The breeze of north america is breathless at night
Out there in the distance some souls are in flight
Some soft-hearted lovers whose goals are in sight

Here in my on-again, off-again style
Here in my on-again, off-again smile
Here in my off-again, on-again grin
Here in my off-again, on-again skin
Waiting for you to say let us begin

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